Development Services has access to a variety of interactive or downloadable maps through the City’s Geographic Information Services (GIS) Department. As you develop the plan for your proposed project, you will need to reference the Zoning District, check if your property is on a flood plain or near a water system, and confirm that it complies with all building codes that apply. You may also want to check out what city properties are currently for sale that could provide land for your building.


The property you’re proposing to build upon must be zoned and platted properly. Since the City has a variety of zoning districts, the first step is to verify that the zoning of your land allows for its intended use.

To check your property’s zoning, use the City’s One Stop Zoning Map. For directions on using the One Stop Zoning Map review the Zoning Map User Guide (PDF).

For help using the map, including how to check for zoning by address or Bexar County Appraisal District (BCAD) parcel, watch our Video: How To Check Zoning for a Property.

Natural Water System

The property you’re proposing to build upon may be on or near one of our City’s natural water systems: watersheds, flood plains, rivers, streams or lakes.

After identifying your property’s Zoning District, you should check the Hydrologic Features map for locations of the various creeks, rivers and other natural bodies of water.

Code Enforcement

As described in the Department Services Development organizational charts section, we have a Code Enforcement Section within the Field Services Division. We have more than 80 code enforcement officers assigned to 10 field enforcement units divided by Council District and labeled by location within the City limits.  View the Field Services Division Maps.