Utility Release

Once you receive final approval on your inspections, CPS Energy will be notified that your property is safe to turn on utility services. Your next step is to contact CPS Energy and arrange for utility services such as gas and electricity.

To set up an online account with CPS Energy, visit CPS Energy: Construction & Renovation.

Re-Establishing Utility Services

For property owners who want to re-establish utility services, CPS Energy may need the City to perform an inspection to ensure you meet safety standards. You must apply for a reconnect permit in person at the One Stop.

If you are an electrical contractor registered with the City, you can get temporary use of utilities using the following programs:

Temporary Meter Loop Permit (TML)
This permit allows you to install an electrical panel and get a temporary meter to be used for construction power.
Temporary on Permanent Set Electrical Permit (TOPS)
If you need temporary electrical service for the structure before receiving final approval on all inspections, you can apply for a TOPS permit.
To guide you through our permitting process, we have two Information Bulletins that explain the City's requirements to get your TOPS permit. Please refer to IB 104a and 104b in the Resources section.

NOTE: The electrical contractor should ensure the TML and TOPS permits are linked to the main building permit.