Graffiti costs Americans billions of dollars each year. It hurts property values, drives away businesses, and sends a negative message about the community. Graffiti is everyone’s problem. San Antonio is our home, help to keep it clean!

To help lessen the impact of graffiti, the City of San Antonio’s Graffiti Abatement Program (GAP) spends over $1 million annually to:

  • Abate (hinder) graffiti (paint over, pressure wash, etc.)
  • Educate residents and youth about the negative effects of graffiti
  • Promote volunteering and how to report graffiti

The City is taking a stronger stance on graffiti as illustrated in our logo: No Graffiti SA. Improvements include:

  • banning the placement of stickers on public or private property
  • proactively abating non-City infrastructure
  • standardizing City department service levels agreements

City departments will work to abate graffiti within an average of three business days.

Report Graffiti on Non-City Property