Mobile Living Parks

Annual mobile living park inspections seek to minimize health and safety issues that can occur at these locations. There is no fee change with this update. 

Annual Registration

Development Services Code Enforcement is the department responsible for issuing licenses for mobile living parks operating within the City of San Antonio. Annual registration begins 60 days prior to permit expiration. This year that process will begin August 1, 2023.

Mobile Living Park License Application (PDF)

You must provide the following information to register for your annual license:

  • A Zoning Verification Letter or Nonconforming Use Registration
    • If either document was submitted for the FY 2020 license registration, it document can be used up to five years and will expire on September 30, 2024.
  • National criminal background checks of owner(s) and operator(s) is required every two years. These are due this year for most owners and operators. We are allowing 60 days to complete this requirement. The FBI website lists locations in cities where digital fingerprinting is available for an additional fee. New background checks do not need to be submitted for the September 30 deadline.
    • Background checks are accepted for two years.
    • When background checks and fingerprinting services can be obtained, licensed properties that have not fulfilled this requirement will be notified. A timeline to complete this requirement will be provided at that time. National background checks can be obtained via the following means:
      • A recommended digital application to the FBI
      • Written application to the FBI
  • If a septic system is in use, a letter from Bexar County Environmental Services must state all operating requirements have been met.
  • Annual license fee of $35 for each usable mobile living park site, occupied or unoccupied.
    • Other costs may be associated with obtaining the zoning verification letter, national background check, etc.

NOTE: Only national background checks issued directly from the FBI will be accepted for background check requirements. Other licenses or permits, such as firearm or real estate licenses that have a background check review, will not be accepted. Due to the time required to receive results, it is recommended that applicants submit a digital application (results typically received 3 to 5 business days upon receipt of the required fingerprint card), instead of the written application (14 to 16 weeks to receive results).

Application Submission

The registration period runs from August 1 to September 30. Applicants may submit their application material for processing in the following ways:

  • Email all materials to Management Analyst
  • By mail or in person at the Cliff Morton Business Development Center:
    • ATTN: Code Enforcement Services - MLP
      1901 S. Alamo St.
      San Antonio, TX 78204

Annual Training

A representative from all registering mobile living parks is required to take part in one of the three virtual health and safety training classes.

All trainings can be accessed through a phone conference call by dialing 415-655-0001. Entering the appropriate access code and entering # for participant ID number.

Participants will need to confirm their attendance by emailing a keyword shared during the training.