Boarding Homes

Boarding Home Permit Application(PDF, 222KB)

Fire Codes

  • Fire sprinklers required within one year.
  • Arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) required in lieu of commercial wiring.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are required.
  • Fire evacuation plans are required.

Fire Prevention Checklist

This is used by fire inspectors when conducting inspections of boarding homes. Consider the following:

  • Access and address - checking to ensure adequate room for approach by fire apparatus and that occupancy has address posted
  • Life safety systems - fire alarm and sprinkler - both type systems has had acceptance testing by fire marshal’s office, has a current inspection tag, and shows no troubles or alarms
  • Gas test (if gas appliances present) - semiannual
  • Smoke detectors in sleeping areas and on each level of occupancy - also ensure mounting requirements (not within 3 feet of tips of ceiling fan blades; not within 3 feet of air supply register; not within 3 feet of door leading to room containing bath or shower, etc.)
  • Fire Drill reports - required to conduct monthly fire drills and maintain records on time to exit occupancy.
  • Emergency Evacuation plan - what steps will be taken in cases of emergency (hurricane, flood, fire, etc.)
  • Egress - all methods of egress from occupancy are free and clear of obstructions
  • Check locking devices on doors - do devices on doors or windows which require key or special knowledge
  • Burglar bars present?
  • Laundry room check - checking to ensure lint traps kept clean and exhaust ducts are free of lint
  • Check for extension cords - only allowed for temporary use and only for portable items
  • Carbon Monoxide detector present
  • Fire extinguishers - must be mounted no higher than 5 feet; must be within 75 feet of any portion of occupancy, must have current inspection tag.
  • If present, Fixed pipe system (kitchen vent hood extinguishing system) inspection - must be inspected every 6 months, system must be designed for specific equipment of which it protects
  • Maintenance agreements for systems - must have a one year maintenance agreement for fire alarm, sprinkler system, monitoring of fire alarm system, and fixed pipe system.

Find additional information on City Fire Codes.

Zoning Codes

  • A maximum number of six residents are allowed for a boarding home in a single family zoning district.
  • There is a required minimum 0.5 mile separation between boarding homes.
  • Boarding homes must comply with the Minimum Property Maintenance Code requirements.

Find additional information on City Zoning.

Health Codes

  • Kitchen inspections for health code required.
  • Food Handler Certification is required.

Texas Food Handler Certification Course

Overcrowding Limits

  • 70 square feet of floor space per sleeping room is required for single occupancy rooms.
  • 50 square feet of floor space per sleeping room is required for multiple occupancy rooms.

Find additional information on City Health Codes.