Property Address Request or Update

Addresses are assigned using the City’s Addressing Grid which follows a formula of one address for every 50 feet in increments of four (i.e. 502, 506, 510, etc.). After an address is calculated, adjustments may be made to ensure a new address assignment is within the sequence of addresses assigned. Addressing residential and non-residential properties includes building and suite numbers, accessory structures, and legal descriptions.

Addressing Inside City Limits

It is important to use an address that is officially assigned by the City of San Antonio.  Using an alternative or unofficial address could result in an unnecessary delay in emergency response times, mail delivery and would delay building permit and utility services. For further information on the assignment of addresses including building, suite, unit or apartment numbers, please refer to:

The Addressing Section can be contacted using the DSD Addressing contact form.

Addressing Outside City Limits

If your property is outside the City of San Antonio Limits, and within the unincorporated area of the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) and within Bexar County, then CPS Energy will issue the address. For further information, you may contact CPS Energy at 210-353-4050 or the Accounts and Addressing Department via email at