Demolition Contractor License Application (PDF)

To apply for a Demolition Contractor's License you will need the following:

  • Government issued photo identification
  • Fees (Registrations are valid for two years.)
    • License and registration: $85
    • Renewal: $35
  • Current letter of authorization
    • If any person other than the license holder is to obtain permits, then a letter must be submitted on company letterhead or a notarized letter signed by the license holder listing the individual's names.
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance with the City of San Antonio listed as the Certificate Holder.
    • Automobile liability insurance with limits of personal injury $100,000 each person, $300,000 each accident, property damage $50,000 each accident
    • The following limits of Public Liability per Occurrence and limits of property damage per occurrence should be listed on the policy:
      • Public liability (bodily injury) insurance with limits not less than $300,000 for each occurrence.
      • Public liability (property damage) insurance with limits of not less than $100,000 for each accident and $200,000 in the aggregate
    • You must also provide proof of workers' compensation in accordance with statutory requirements.
  • Annual $5,000 bond