BuildSA Customer Resources

Getting Started in the BuildSA Portal

If you need help setting up your account or linking your professional license, email our BuildSA team.

  • Please upload all inspection/engineer letters, as well as license registration documents, such as certificates of insurance to BuildSA. Emailing these documents will cause processing delays.
  • Escrow accounts can be created to pay fees due for Accela applications. To learn more, review our Escrow Accounts Frequently Asked Questions.

Training Guides

The following guides offer information on the BuildSA customer portal.

Portal Account Creation and Tips (PDF)
This course covers the following:
  • Creating your Citizen Access online portal account
  • When to create the account as an organization
  • Editing information on the account
  • Selecting a record-type and adding/removing delegates to your account
Linking Licensed Professional to New Online Account (PDF)
This course is for registered contractors and offers tips on how to ensure your Hansen registration record is ready for the new system.
Creating a Record Using the Citizen Access Portal (PDF)
This course covers the following:
  • Selecting an application type in the online portal
  • Completing required information on the application
  • Payment of fees
  • Final submittal

NOTE: This session does not include instruction on the use of the Plan Room for electronic document submittal.

Video: Inspections-Scheduling and Uploading Documents
This course covers the following:
  • How to find a record to request an inspection
  • Scheduling the inspection
  • Uploading documentation within the online portal
Commercial Project-Record Creation and Amendment (PDF)
This course covers the following:
  • The use of the online portal to create a Commercial Project application
  • Completing required information
  • Final submittal
  • Creating the amendment for the record
The Plan Room
This course introduces the Plan Room and covers the following:
  • The steps for using the Plan Room to upload electronic documentation
  • How to view comments/marking from Development Services staff

View the guides:

Fire Systems: Creating the Fire LP Record
This course covers the following:
  • The online portal to select the Fire LP record-type
  • Completing all required information on the application
  • Final submittal

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2020-2021 System Changes

The following guides offer information on changes in the system.

Commercial Projects (PDF)
This course covers upcoming Changes to our current application process for commercial projects. It also covers the new combination permit and information on commercial project applications.
Residential Projects (PDF)
This course covers the following:
  • Residential projects application
  • The permits that may stem from this application type
  • The categories of dwelling units involved
Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) (PDF)
The following MEP trade permits will be combined into one application/record:
  • Electrical with all subtypes
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing with all subtypes
Demolition Record (PDF)
A demolition permit is an application to demolish a residential or commercial building.
Fire Systems (PDF)
This course covers the different types of Fire System Permits.