We have established standards that developers must meet to ensure the City's infrastructure is properly designed and maintained. 

Agreement & Guarantees

Performance Agreement

When site improvements, other than gas and electric lines are required in along with a plat, a Performance Agreement will be executed. This is done by the applicant and filed with the City along with the plat.

Approval of the plat expires after three years from date of approval, unless all site improvements have been accepted by the City and the plat recorded, or a time extension for plat recordation has been requested and approved.

Performance Guarantees

A Performance Bond, Trust Agreement, Letter of Credit and Cash or Cashier's Check must be submitted and approved by the City. This is to allow the plat to be recorded before the site improvements are completed.

The performance guarantee will be released after inspections are completed and passed and a Certificate of Completion is issued by San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS). 

Developers must submit a request in writing to the Development Services Department for release of performance guarantees.


We will release an approved plat in the deed and plat records. We will need the property owner's consent in writing, resolved outstanding liens and to make sure the plat meets applicable conditions:

  • No site improvements are required
  • All required site improvements have been completed and approved by Development Services
  • A performance agreement and a guarantee of performance have been filed with and approved by the City
  • All required impact and drainage fees have been paid

Streets & Drainage


We offer courtesy inspections for developers before approval of a plat by the Planning Commission. The developer must have submitted all Public Infrastructure site improvement plans, including streets, drainage, trees and traffic impact analysis, before the approval of the courtesy inspection request. Please see the Courtesy Inspection Request Form located below in Forms & Applications.

Inspections and approval of infrastructure improvements will be performed by our staff. After the final construction inspection of the infrastructure improvements for a subdivision has been approved by Development Services, public streets and drains must be maintained by the developer for a minimum of one year and until a final acceptance of infrastructure improvements has been passed. The completed improvements must comply with the requirements of the approved plans and specifications.


After the City has passed the final inspection and the warranty period has been completed, a re-inspection will be conducted. If approved, a Final Infrastructure Acceptance Letter stating acceptance of infrastructure improvements will be provided by the City. This will also allow the release of any maintenance warranties. At that point, streets and drainage within public roadway right-of-ways shall be maintained by the San Antonio Public Works Department.

Extended Warranty Bond

Extended Warranty Bonds are required for a period of one year after the Final Infrastructure Inspection Letter has been issued. This is or all subdivisions requiring public streets and public drainage improvements. The purpose of the bond is to guarantee workmanship of the improvements that will become part of the public domain.

Developers must provide the City with an extended warranty bond issued by a corporate surety company. The bond will equal 10% of the construction estimate or $25,000 whichever is greater as determined by the Development Services Department. See IB 535 (PDF) for more information.

NOTE: This process is only required for plats located within the City limits.