Sign Code

Review of the 2021 Ch. 28 (Sign Code) of the municipal code began in April 2022. The Sign Code is updated every five years to ensure the most current international, national, and industry safety codes are being used. This review and adoption process allows for the latest constructions methods to be identified, and offers new options for compliance

In accordance with City Code Sections 10-14(a)(5), the City’s Building-related and Fire Codes Appeals and Advisory Board (BRFCAAB) established the Sign Code Committee to review the current sign code and propose amendments. All meetings were streamed live. Once the committee completes its review, presentations of recommendations will be made to the full BRFCAAB for review and consideration. This item is tentatively scheduled to go to City Council in June 2023.

Sign Code Process (PDF)

Billboards in San Antonio (city limits)

Information presented at the June 17, 2022 meeting:

Tracking & Public Comment

You can view significant changes, proposed amendments, and committee actions by checking these documents.

Please submit your comments for any Sign Code (Ch. 28) amendments using the form below. This will be open until proposed amendments are heard by the BRFCABB in July.

Sign Code Amendments Public Comment Form