Request Immunization Records

You have several options to obtain immunization records.

Healthcare Provider

The fastest way to get an immunization record is to contact the healthcare provider that administered the vaccine.


Schools are required to keep records on file for a minimum number of years.

To get an immunization record, contact the last school that your child/adolescent attended.

ImmTrac2 Immunization Registry

To request your vaccination record or your child's from DSHS, you will need to complete the form, listed below, and email your request to

ImmTrac2 Authorization to Release Immunization History (PDF)

Metro Health

If you are unable to get an immunization record from ImmTrac2, healthcare provider, or school, you can obtain an immunization record through the San Antonio Metro Health Immunization Program(PDF, 1023KB).

Records are available at the Metro Health Immunization Clinic. Please call 210-206-2008.

Patient Authorization/Restriction for Release of Medical Records(PDF, 181KB)

Immunization Record Copy Fee: $5

An immunization record is provided at no charge whenever an immunization is administered. This fee is charged when only a record is needed. 

NOTE: The clinic may close early and without notice if capacity is full or total service transactions cannot be completed by 4:30 p.m.