Temporary Food Events

City Ordinance requires all events where food is sold or given away to have a license from Metro Health. A temporary food establishment shall comply with the requirements of these rules except as otherwise provided in this section.

Temporary Food Establishment License

Requirements & Guidelines

Temporary Food Establishment Application(PDF, 88KB)

See Sec. 13-21 - Required for food establishments in the City for more information.

The regulatory authority may impose additional requirements to protect against health hazards related to the conduct of the temporary food establishment, may prohibit the sale of some or all potentially hazardous foods, and when no health hazard will result, may waive or modify requirements of these rules.

If you’re not sure whether your special event is exempt from licensing, contact Metro Health at 3-1-1 or 210-207-6000 and ask about temporary food event licensing rules, or visit us:

Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center (One Stop)
1901 S. Alamo St.
San Antonio, TX 78204

Information about visiting our office.


  • $32.96 per day
  • $38.11 per day if payment is made less than three days in advance of event

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I sell my food in the downtown business district?

If you wish to sell food as a temporary food booth in the Downtown business district, you must also contact the Downtown Operations Department at 210-207-3677. Additional information about downtown vending is available. There are additional rules and permits required to do so.

The definition of the district from the Unified Development Code: "Downtown Business District" shall include the area described as follows: Start at the intersection of Salado and El Paso Streets; north on Salado/Haven for Hope Way to its intersection with Frio Street; thence northeast in a straight line to the intersection of IH-10 and Cadwallader; south on IH-10 to IH-35; northeast on IH-35 to a perpendicular point connecting with Cherry Street; south on Cherry Street to César E. Chávez Boulevard; west on César E. Chávez Boulevard to the San Antonio River; south along the San Antonio River to Arsenal Street; west on Arsenal to El Paso Street; and then west on El Paso to Salado.

What do I need to do to sell food during Fiesta?

In addition to the Metro Health Temporary Food Establishment license, if you wish to sell food during Fiesta at any sanctioned Fiesta event or on the parade route, you have to contact the Fiesta Commission.

Can I sell food for a fundraiser or other temporary event?

Yes, but to do so you must operate on commercial property. You must purchase a temporary food establishment license at least three days prior to the event. You do not need additional permission to operate a temporary event from nearby restaurants, grocery stores, or other food establishments to have a temporary food event license. 

Can I sell food at my garage sale?

No. This is a direct violation of State law, City health codes and City zoning codes.