Reportable Diseases & Epidemiology

Metro Health Epidemiology Division protects San Antonio and Bexar County residents and visitors from disease outbreaks. The Epidemiology Division investigates confirmed and suspected cases of infectious diseases and conditions that are reported by physician’s offices, hospitals and medical laboratories. Data is collected and examined to determine the existence of trends. Our team ensures that action is taken to prevent infectious disease outbreaks in the area.

The Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Act (Health & Safety Code, Chapter 81) requires physicians, dentist, veterinarians and chiropractors to report, after the first professional encounter, each examined patient suspected of having a reportable disease. Some individuals at hospitals, laboratories and schools are also required to report. Details on reporting notifiable diseases and duties of local health authorities may be found in Article 97, Title 25, Texas Administrative Code. Failure to report is a class B misdemeanor.

All disease shall be reported by:

  • name
  • age
  • sex
  • race
  • ethnicity
  • date of birth
  • address
  • telephone number
  • disease
  • date of onset
  • method of diagnosis
  • physician's name, address and telephone number

Notice to Bexar County health facilities and/or physicians on Meaningful Use Act(PDF, 37KB).

Disease Reporting

Available 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Disease Make a Report Ask a Question
COVID-19 Fax: 210-207-8807 N/A
STI/HIV Fax: 210-207-2116 Phone: 210-207-8831
Tuberculosis  Fax: 210-207-8779 Phone: 210-207-8823
All Other Diseases Fax: 210-207-2007 Phone: 210-207-8876