Public Pool Licenses

Any public pool or spa located in the City limits of San Antonio must have a pool license. Pools inspections are done annually and by complaint basis.

NOTE: All private residential pools and hot tubs/Jacuzzis/spas in the City are exempt.

Annual Fees

  • $229.69 for up to 2 public or semi-public pools.
  • $75.19 for each additional public or semi-public pool at the same location.



Public Pool

Any man-made permanently installed or non-portable structure, basin, chamber, or tank containing an artificial body of water that is maintained or used expressly for public recreation, swimming, diving, aquatic sports, or other aquatic activity.

Public pools include but are not limited to:

  • activity pools
  • catch pools
  • lazy or leisure river pools
  • wave action pools
  • vortex pools
  • therapy pools
  • wading pools

A public pool may be publicly or privately owned and may be operated by an owner, lessee, operator, licensee, or concessionaire. A fee for use may or not be charged.

The term does not include a residential pool, artificial swimming lagoon, floatation system or chamber, or a body of water that continuously recirculates water from a spring.

Public Spa

A body of water intended for the immersion of persons in either hot or cold water circulated in a closed system and not intended to be drained and refilled after each use.

A spa can include a filter, heater, a pump or pumps, blowers, and water sanitizing equipment. The term includes a swim spa or exercise spa.

If you have a complaint about a public swimming pool or spa, email us or call 3-1-1 or 210-207-6000.