Lab Services

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) & Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

Type Fee Description
Syphilis Screen $3.67 Screening test for syphilis.
Syphilis Screen - Quantitative $13.97 Quantitative titer for syphilis.
Syphilis Confirmation $6.23

Treponemal-specific confirmatory test for syphilis.

Aptima Amplified DNA Probe - Gonorrhea/Chlamydia $30.90 Urine/vaginal swab for gonorrhea/chlamydia amplified DNA testing.
Combo HIV Ag/Ab EIA $4.56 Generation 4 EIA screen for HIV.
HIV Western Blot $46.45 Confirmatory test for HIV-1.
T Spot TB Elispot interferon gamma releasing assay (IGRA) $69 Testing for Tuberculosis.

Other Testing

Drinking Water Bacteriology: $25
Qualitative/quantitative test for the presence of coliform and E. coli in drinking water.
Frozen Dessert PAC + HSCC: $7.98
Frozen Dessert testing for bacterial suitability.
Rabies Testing: $40
Direct fluorescent antibody test for rabies in animals outside of the City of San Antonio.