Healthy Environment

Animals & Animal Byproducts

Livestock Permits

Livestock permits are available from the Animal Care Services Department.

Animal Welfare & Animal Cruelty

All animal welfare and animal cruelty code enforcement issues are the responsibility of the Animal Care Services Department.

Phone: 210-207-6650


All ordinances, including rendering vehicles, storage facilities, and rendering plants are covered in the City Rendering ordinance, which is currently Chapter 13, Article X, Division 2 “Rendering.”


Type Fee Description
Rendering Establishment License $370.80 Annual fee for establishments that render dead animals, etc. to obtain a product for commercial use.
Rendering Materials Collector License $49.44 Annual fee charged for each vehicle involved in the transport of waste grease and animal products.
Rendering Storage License $92.70 Annual fee for a facility that stores rendering products, but is not an integral part of a rendering establishment.

Rendering Facility Complaints

Email: Contact Form

Phone: 210-207-0135

Extreme Heat

Beat the Heat

Every year, people across the country die due to heat-related illness, so it's important to know what you can do to prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The City of San Antonio has implemented the "Beat the Heat" campaign in order to educate the community of the dangers and precautions that can be taken during excessive heat.

Urban Heat Islands

Urban heat islands can make cities much hotter than surrounding areas. This can increase the risk of heat-related illnesses.

Hazardous Spills

In the event of an emergency or hazardous material spill, call 9-1-1, and the San Antonio Fire Department will respond appropriately.

Metro Health will be contacted by the Fire Department, as needed.

Hotels & Motels

City Ordinances

City ordinances regarding health inspections at hotels and motels is located in Chapter 15, Article IV of the City Code.

A hotel is defined by City Code as any hotel, lodging house or inn in the city having three or more rooms where transient guests are fed or lodged for pay.

Environmental Health Officers investigate complaints at hotel/motels about general sanitation, swimming pools, spas, and pests. In addition, food service operations at hotels/motels are licensed and inspected.


There is not a fee from Metro Health at this time for hotel and motel facility inspections. However, the kitchen of any food establishment and any public or semi-public pools do have fees associated with their licensing.

Illegal Dumping

Report these sites by calling 3-1-1 or 210-207-6000.

If the issue is taking place outside city limits in Bexar County, please contact Bexar County Public Works at 210-335-6700.


If you think you have an issue with mold at your residence and would like it to be tested, you will have to hire a private contractor. Contractors who test for and remediate mold can be located in the yellow pages under Mold.

The City of San Antonio does not have authority to force private property owners to remediate mold (e.g. apartment complexes or other rental property).


City Sewer Breaks

If the sewer line breaks on your private or commercial property, please do the following:

NOTE: We do not clean up raw sewage on your property.

County Sewer Breaks

Please call Bexar County Public Works at 210-335-6700.

Raw Sewage Leaks

If there is sewage backed up into my apartment, whom do I call?
First, contact your apartment complex manager. If the manager is unresponsive, call 3-1-1 or 210-207-6000.
What if my neighbor has raw sewage leaking onto my property?


Water Sampling at Your Residence

If you feel that your water has a quality issue and you are on a municipal supply, please contact San Antonio Water System (SAWS).

Metro Health’s lab conducts only bacterial testing on water samples for a fee of $25. A sample kit can be picked up at our Laboratory:

Phone: 210-207-8887

2303 SE Military Dr., Bldg. 533
San Antonio, TX 78223

Cross Connection Surveys

If you need to have a cross connection survey performed, contact us:

Email: Contact Form

Phone: 210-207-0135

Other Environmental Health Fees

Type Fee Description
License Replacement $15.45 Any license replacement fee
Air Pollution Registration Fee $200 Annual registration fee for a business facility located within the City that is a source of air pollution.
Cross Connection Survey $199.82 Fee for inspection of water system of food manufacturing and processing plants to ensure no contamination from sewage is occurring.

Reinspection Fees

The fee charged to reinspect Environmental Establishments:

  • First Reinspection: $103
  • Second Reinspection: $118.45
  • Third Reinspection: $128.75
  • Fourth Reinspection: $154.50