Alcoholic Beverage/Liquor License

NOTE: A current state license is needed before obtaining a City of San Antonio Liquor License. For State Liquor License information, please visit the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) website.

An Alcoholic Beverage or Liquor License is required before you can sell any alcoholic beverages. Our fee is half of the amount of the State license or permit and is applied to all alcoholic beverage licenses or permits, unless otherwise prohibited by the State. These fees must be paid prior to the sale of alcohol at a location.

The collection of alcohol beverage fees is handled by Finance's Compliance and Resolution Division. Renewal fees are due by your license's expiration date, whether the State license has been physically received at your location.

Fee Requirements

The Liquor License Fee Schedule provides a list of alcoholic beverage license and permit fees currently due. Exclusion from this list does not invalidate a requirement for a fee.

Mixed Beverage fees are due beginning with the third renewal year. For example, if a Mixed Beverage Permit was purchased on October 15, 2022, the City fee is due beginning on October 15, 2025.

City Fee Receipt

Your City Fee Receipt must be posted next to your State license or permit. If you do not pay your required fee and display your fee receipt, you will receive a warning violation.

Non-payment of a local fee may also result in a fine of up to $500 and/or the termination of the State license or permit.

NOTE: Although a State license or permit may be placed in suspense with the State, our fee must continue to be paid until your license is reactivated at a location outside the City of San Antonio or until your license is terminated.

Senate Bill (SB) 577 & House Bill (HB) 1247

Senate Bill 577 and House Bill 1247 (effective September 1, 2023) do not apply to San Antonio liquor licenses or food establishment permits issued under Chapter 437 of the Texas Health and Safety Code.

Food establishment permits in the City of San Antonio are issued under Chapter 13 of the City's Municipal Code. These bill provisions regarding the payment of fees for issuing or renewing a permit for premises also licensed by the TABC have no effect on the City of San Antonio's current food and liquor license permitting system.

NOTE: Consistent with SB 577, the City of San Antonio will no longer charge fees for Certified Food Manager cards. Please visit Food Licensing & Permits for more information regarding the City's food establishment permitting process.

Make a Payment

An invoice & Paid By Customer number are required.

Once your payment has been made, we will mail you your liquor permit within 5-7 business days.

Pay Online


To pay over the phone, call 210-207-8667. You will not be charged an additional fee.


To pay via mail, please send your payment to:

City of San Antonio - Collections Division
P.O. Box 839975
San Antonio, TX 78283

In Person

To pay in person, visit our

Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center
1901 S. Alamo St.
San Antonio, TX 78204