Complaint & Administrative Review Board

The Complaint and Administrative Review Board (CARB) is made up of seven private citizens and seven uniformed SAPD officers. The seven citizens are selected from a panel of fourteen private members. The group meets year-round to hear officer misconduct cases, and each member serves a term of two years. They adjudicate and make recommendations to the Chief of Police.

Become a Board Member

NOTE: On the application this board is listed as "Citizen Advisory Action Board (CARB)".

Member Responsibilities

  • Prepare for the meetings by reviewing the cases to be discussed and voted on.
  • Attend scheduled meetings as often as every other week
  • In meetings, hear a detailed briefing of each case by the case investigator. 
  • Question complainants and accused officers
  • Cast a secret ballot on how the case should be decided
  • Vote on recommended disciplinary actions

Member Qualifications

  • No indictments for a felony or a crime of moral turpitude
  • Not officially charged with a Class A or B Misdemeanor

Final Decisions

CARB members make recommendations to the Chief of Police, who makes the final decision on each case under investigation.