Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the most common form of modern-day slavery. Victims are estimated to number in the millions across the world. Females and children are trafficked most frequently, often forced into the commercial sex industry for little or no money.

Human trafficking often makes people think of young girls abused far away. But human trafficking actually happens in cities and towns across the United States.


Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is about exploitation. It includes using force, fraud or coercion to obtain, shelter or transport a person for services or labor. Victims are forced into slavery or debt bondage (to repay a debt).
Sex Trafficking
Sex trafficking includes any forced or coerced commercial sex act, or any sex act where the person induced to take part is under 18 years of age.
Labor Trafficking
Labor trafficking includes using force, fraud, or coercion to make people take part in non-sexual labor and services.
Human Smuggling
Human smuggling includes bringing illegal aliens into the United States. It involves deliberately evading immigration laws. It also includes the unlawful transportation and sheltering of aliens already in the United States. Some criminals offer to smuggle people across a border to lure victims into a human trafficking scheme.

Report Human Trafficking

If the crime is in progress call 911 or if it is not life-threatening call Non-Emergency SAPD at 210-207-SAPD (210-207-7273).

If you would like to provide information about Human Trafficking, or you suspect Human Trafficking is occurring, contact the Special Victims Unit.