Volunteers in Policing (VIPs)

We’re committed to having a world-class Community Policing program, and we invite you to help. Members of the VIPs program support the police in delivering services to the community. Working with VIP staff, volunteers make San Antonio safer for all.

Assignments for volunteers include:

Unit Assistant
Assist a San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) unit with light filing, faxing, answering telephones and other duties. 
Family Assistance Crisis Team (FACT)
Assist victims of domestic violence at police substations one Friday or Saturday night a month.
Surveillance Team
Receive training and then help spot suspicious/criminal activity from a safe distance. Once trained, volunteers would coordinate a schedule with assigned supervisors
Special Projects
Assist with:
  • Role Play for Cadets
  • Hostage Negotiation
  • SWAT & Executive Protection
  • National Night Out
  • Child Fingerprinting
  • Promotion & Retirement Ceremonies
  • Conferences (Registration, Transportation, Information Booths, Classroom Monitors, Runners, Merchandise, Exhibit Hall Security, etc.)
  • Blue Santa
  • Other projects as needed.
Public Safety Team (PST)
After 40 hours of required training, issue Handicap Parking citations to the public and perform other non-hazardous duties for the Department.
Newsletter Committee
Participate as a reporter, photographer, or editor to document volunteer activities.
Fingerprint Team
Receive training to fingerprint children and provide fingerprint records and child safety information to parents and guardians. Volunteers work various community events, such as health and safety fairs, family days, and employee fairs.
Homeland Security Team
Be a community leader in disaster preparedness. Volunteers receive training in topics such as HAM Radio Operations, First Aid / CPR, Weather Threat Assessment, and CERT. Opportunities are also available for volunteers to become instructor certified.
Volunteers support SAPD & SAFD personnel in times of training and crisis with:
  • Computer data-entry
  • Shelter staffing
  • Assisting the public
  • Answering phones
  • Computer research
  • Other duties as needed.
Social Committee
Assist VIP staff with producing volunteer social events, including decorating, securing door prizes, and acting as event crew.

VIP Staff Responsibilities

  • Organize and manage volunteers
  • Supervise VIP members and their training
  • Evaluate volunteer performance
  • Track program statistics
  • Plan and develop activities and programs
  • Organize public relations and outreach

Become a VIP

To volunteer for any SAPD facility, project, or event:

  1. Complete an application, including references
  2. Have your application notarized
  3. Present your application to the VIP program staff for consideration

VIP Application(PDF, 168KB)