Request a Background Check

NOTE: Background checks are not considered open records requests and should not be submitted through the Open Records Requests Online Portal.

Unless the requester is a law enforcement agency, we require a signed release from the subject of the background check. If a representative (third party) submits the request, the form must be notarized.

Complete the Form

Background Request Form(PDF, 215KB)

Required Information

You will need:

Name of the organization or person requesting the background check
An individual person, agency, company, consulate, firm, or U.S. Government Recruiter.
Right thumbprint
It is imperative that a right thumbprint be submitted in black ink.  Roll the thumbprint from one side where the thumbnail meets the skin across to the other side where the thumbnail meets the skin. Do your best to obtain all available ridge detail located on the pad of the thumb. Include the top joint and a partial amount of the second joint. Please practice on the back of the form; all extra prints can be helpful for identification purposes.
Notarization, if applicable
Requests must be notarized if the subject of the background check is unable to come into the San Antonio Police Department in person. Any bank or notary service in your area can provide notarization of the form.
Please include:
  • A money order or cashier’s check for $30, payable to the City of San Antonio.
  • If you need the background check letter/results to be notarized, include a $6 notary fee.
A copy of the subject’s driver’s license or identification card or passport is required. The expiration date must be valid and all information must be legible on the copy.

Submit by Mail

Mail your completed form with payment to the San Antonio Police Department Identification Office. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

San Antonio Police Department Identification Office
315 S. Santa Rosa Ave.
San Antonio, Texas 78207

NOTE: We do not accept forms by fax or email.