Divisions & Specialized Units

Protecting & Serving the Alamo City

Discover the responsibilities of the many specialized law enforcement units within San Antonio Police Department (SAPD).


The Traffic Section works to ensure the safe and efficient flow of traffic throughout the city. They also:

  • Reduce the number of traffic accidents and their related injuries and deaths
  • Maintain order at significant spectator events
  • Provide protection to dignitaries
  • Augment patrol units during unusual occurrences

To follow up incidents being investigated, contact the Substation corresponding to the incident’s location.

Helicopter Unit

The SAPD’s Helicopter Detail supports the department with manned and unmanned aircraft.

Special Operations

  • SWAT
  • K9
  • Bomb Squad
  • Hostage Negotiations

These highly skilled individuals reduce violent crime and capture violent offenders. They apply highly specialized training, equipment, and experience to help ensure the safety of San Antonio residents and visitors.