Avoiding Home Repair Scams

When San Antonio is hit by severe hail storms, it can cause damage to homes and vehicles. Please see the tips below to avoid scams while repairing your property.

  • If someone is knocking on your door to sell you a service, it's almost a guaranteed to be scam. You didn't buy your insurance policy from a door-to-door salesman - why would you choose a door-to-door salesman to handle your insurance claim?
  • Just because the person on the phone says they are from the "claims department," the "claims headquarters," or an adjuster's office doesn't mean you have to talk to them or that they are legitimate.
  • Just because a roofer is fixing your neighbor's roof doesn't mean the roofer has a license or that the roofer can back up a warranty. Do your research - ask for proof of a license and demand to see a copy of their insurance coverage.
  • The City of San Antonio maintains a database of licensed roofers. Please contact our department to learn if they are licensed.
  • You must obtain a city permit to replace or repair your roof. Usually the permits are approved within 24 hours if the permit is submitted by a registered roofer. Please contact Development Services for more information.
  • If a roofer tells you that a license and a permit are not required, that roofer is lying to you and it's a scam.
  • Do not allow a roofer or an adjuster to endorse checks for you. A legitimate roofer or claims-handler will never ask you for permission to sign your name.
  • Never ever sign an attorney engagement agreement if the agreement is handed to you by a roofer or a claims-handler. It's a scam and it is a very serious criminal violation of barratry laws.
  • If the claims-handler or the roofer promises they will negotiate a complete roof replacement for you, you are not dealing with an honest person. They should never make guarantees like that as it is impossible to know what the insurance company will cover or what it won't.
  • If your insurance company denies your claim, you still have rights. Consult with a licensed and experienced attorney about your options. Also, just because an attorney has a 1-800 number or TV ads does not mean they are experienced or honest. All it means is that they have money for an advertising firm. Do your research and ask for references.