Short Term Rentals (STR)

NOTE: The City of San Antonio has contracted with Avenu Insights & Analytics to administer HOT collections.

An STR is defined as a residential dwelling unit, apartment, condominium, or accessory dwelling (refer to Sec. 35-A101) where sleeping areas are rented overnight to guests for less than 30 consecutive days (but not less than 12 hours).

There are two types of STRs:

Type 1

Primary residence of the owner or operator. This applies to primary and accessory dwelling units.

Type 2

Property is not occupied by the owner or operator.

Every person owning, operating, managing or controlling any STR must collect the tax imposed and report Hotel Occupancy Tax monthly even if there are no Taxable Room Receipts.

The City of San Antonio does not contract with Short Term Rental platforms (such as Airbnb, HomeAway, or others) for HOT collection.

Register Your STR

All Short Term Rentals located inside the City limits are required to obtain a Short Term Rental permit in order to operate. This permit can be obtained through the City’s Development Services Department.

View Permit Information

More information on permitting can be obtained from the Development Services Department by calling 210-207-1111 or emailing.

NOTE: All businesses inside and outside the city limits must report their HOT tax monthly.

Report Your STR

Each month, HOT reporting for the City of San Antonio and Bexar County is required by Short Term Rentals directly through the City of San Antonio’s online payment portal which is administered through Avenu Insights & Analytics.

New Accounts

Once you have registered your STR, you should go to the online payment portal to register for a HOT account number. Your HOT account number will be required to file online reports.

Changes to Existing Accounts

If you have already been operating a STR, look for notices from Avenu Insights & Analytics for your updated HOT account number.

You may report and pay online even if you do not know your new HOT account number. If you do not know your HOT account number, you can search for it online. You can also reach out to Avenu Insights & Analytics at .

Search for Account Number


The first online report is due the last day of the month in which you receive your account number. Do not wait until you receive your STR permit to file.

Also, online reporting is due even if you have not listed your property on a platform. If you have no revenue for a Reporting Period, enter "0". Failure to report online or pay HOT will result in penalty and interest fees.

Watch the video tutorial for more details about how to create an account and file online.

Pay Online

Questions regarding how to pay should be addressed to Avenu via email at or by phone at 888-885-7289.