Owner/Manager Responsibilities and Tools

Recycling Service Providers

Multi-family properties are responsible for securing collection services for recyclable material. Services can be acquired through any of the options listed below:

  • Current waste hauler
  • Different haulers that provide collection of waste and recycling
  • Multi‑family property owners / managers can opt to self-haul recyclables to a recycling facility
  • If it is a small multi-family property, you may be eligible to pay for and receive collection services from the City

Acquiring Recycling Services

Contact your current waste hauler and find out if they offer recycling collection to multi‑family properties. It is important to ask how fees will be affected upon requesting a recycling service along with the current trash service.

If your current hauler does not provide services, you should contact other haulers in the area. Use our Solution Station map to view haulers in the area and their services.


Multi‑family property owners or managers may opt to self-haul recyclable materials to a certified materials recovery facility. If this option is chosen, you are required to submit an annual report by March 1st of each year. 

Annual reports must include the following information for the period January 1 through December 31:

  • Total number of living units
  • Total number of tons of recyclable material collected
  • Name and address of the recycling facility to which the recyclable materials collected within the City were delivered for recycling

Self-haulers may opt to submit their annual report through their materials recovery facility.

City-Provided Collection

Owners or managers of multi‑family properties with eight or fewer units may request to receive and pay curbside recycling and garbage collection service the City.

Recycling Calculator

Use this calculator(XLSX, 12KB)  to identify the minimum recommended capacity for collecting recyclables at your multi-family property.

Property Alterations

Structural Alteration

If structural alterations will be made to the property to make accommodations for recycling containers, recycling areas, or recycling enclosures, visit with the City of San Antonio’s Planning and Development Services Department to learn about the local building and zoning codes that apply. It is critical to follow this step to ensure that any changes are in accordance with applicable City codes.

Reduction of Parking Requirement

The City of San Antonio Multi‑Family Recycling Ordinance allows property owners or managers to reduce the number of parking spaces to provide adequate space for recycling container storage areas. In such cases the recycling container storage area is screened in accordance with the City’s Municipal Code 35-511 (c).