Benefits of Recycling

The Botanical gardens and recycled mulch.

Recycling has a positive environmental and economic impact locally and globally. By implementing a recycling program, recyclables are collected and separated from trash. This allows for recyclables to be recovered, preventing them from ending up in landfill.

Environmental Benefits

  • Conservation of raw resources - Creating products from recycled material helps reduce the consumption of natural resources.
  • Pollution reduction - In most cases, mining and harvesting of raw material produces more pollution from manufacturing than recovering and recycling used material.
  • Less damage to biological habitats and water quality - In most cases, mining and harvesting of raw material interrupts and harms biological habitats and water quality.
  • Reduction of by-products that form in landfills - Less use of landfills will reduce the formation of by-products, such as methane or leachate. These can contaminate groundwater and harm human and animal habitats.

Economic Benefits

  • Decrease in waste disposal costs – With large amounts of materials ending up in landfills, available landfill space is driving up landfill disposal costs.
  • Cost effective - It is more cost effective to process recycled material than it is to harvest raw resources.