Homeless Dashboards

San Antonio has many nonprofits, government agencies, congregations, and community members who work together to make homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring.

Together they form the local Homeless Response System (HRS), providing multiple services to individuals experiencing homelessness.

These dashboards provide an overview of some of the initiatives for addressing homelessness in our community.

System Response

This dashboard shows an overview of the homeless response system in the San Antonio region. It gives information to show progress toward the shared goal of making homelessness rare, brief, and nonrecurring. The data is provided by the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). It shows how many people enter homelessness each month and how many people are sheltered or housed each month.

System Response Dashboard


This dashboard shows work coordinated by the City of San Antonio Department of Human Services (DHS) to remove (abate) homeless encampments that pose public health and safety issues. DHS regularly visits homeless encampments to engage with individuals living on the streets. When San Antonio residents report encampments by calling 3-1-1 or 210-207-6000, DHS is committed to responding to these calls within two weeks to make sure that there are no health or safety issues in the encampments.

If public health and safety issues are identified, the encampment is removed (abated) as soon as possible. Abatements are part of a broader effort to connect people experiencing homelessness to services and resources; and reduce the impact of homelessness within the community.

Encampment Dashboard