Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets & Citations

I just received my ticket from an officer. Why can’t I find it online?

It may take up to ten business days for your citation to appear in the system. Search online to check the system for your ticket.

I received a parking violation letter but I sold the vehicle BEFORE the violation date. What can I provide to the court?

Please present in-person or by mail the following documents so the Hearing Officers can review your case(s):

  • Bill of sale of the vehicle
  • Verification from DMV that vehicle is no longer under your name
What are my options for my traffic violation(s)?

Please review your options under Court Programs.

I just received a water conservation summons in the mail. Where can I view my options or pay the citation?

Search online to view or pay your citation.

How can I pay for a traffic, parking or water ticket(s) without coming into court?

View payment options for tickets and citations.

When is my court date?

Search online to view your ticket information. It may take ten days from the violation date on ticket to appear in the system. 

What forms of payments can I use at the Court?

The court accepts cash, check, credit card & ApplePay. Payments other than cash will require a matching government picture ID and owner of check or credit card must be present.

How can I get copies of my citation/court records?

You are able to request it in person with a valid ID and speak with someone at Municipal Court from the Case Filing & Records, Room 131.

License Holds

I went to renew my license and they mentioned that I had outstanding holds with your court. How long do I have to wait once I have paid my tickets in full?

Please allow five business days for the holds to clear with Department of Public Safety (DPS). DPS will NOT accept payment receipt from the court as proof, you must wait for hold to clear.

I received a letter from the DPS regarding the suspension of my driver’s license. Who do I contact?

Please contact the local DPS office for further information.

Where can I look up my Texas Driver’s license holds I have from Omni Base or DPS?

Please visit Texas DPS Failure to Appear / Failure to Pay, to search for holds. Municipal Court can only assist with citations filed here in the San Antonio Municipal Court.