The San Antonio Municipal Court is a court of record and operates as the judicial branch of government for the City of San Antonio. The court has jurisdiction over fine-only, Class C misdemeanors created by state law or city ordinance.

Citations are issued by:

  • San Antonio Police Department (SAPD)
  • Park Police
  • Airport Police
  • Animal Care Officers
  • City Code Officers and
  • Other Law Enforcement Agencies

Some of the most common citations include:

  • traffic violations
  • parking violations
  • theft of less than $100
  • public intoxication
  • violations of animal nuisance requirements

The court also has the authority to conduct civil hearings for:

  • owners of cruelly treated animals or dangerous dogs
  • parking and stopping of vehicles
  • administrative adjudication hearings for animal care and control
  • public and fire safety
  • building maintenance and appearance

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