Urgent Pet Placement Reports

Kitten looking out the top of a box.

As an open-admissions shelter, we are 100% dependent on the community and our partners to help us save lives. We only euthanize pets when all other placement, medical, or risk-mitigating options have been exhausted and there is an immediate need for capacity.

Shelter Schedule

Humane euthanasia begins at 12:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday and 11:00 a.m. on Saturday. Pets with grave medical concerns may be euthanized at any time. 

To allow adequate processing and reply time, you must email our staff at least 30 mins before euthanasia begins.

Pets in Kennels Labeled “SAPA Tran”

These are the transition kennels located in building #1 on our Animal Care Services (ACS) 151 campus. These are the primary responsibility of our rescue partner San Antonio Pets Alive!. Animals listed in SAPA TRAN are still at risk of euthanasia and may not have confirmed placement. For placement interest or questions concerning pet care, email San Antonio Pets Alive staff.

Capacity Euthanasia

These are our most urgent pets. They could be chosen for euthanasia if intake exceed capacity.

Urgent Medical Animals

These pets are currently located in the ACS clinic and may not get exposure to potential adopters or rescues due to their medical needs. If a clinic exceeds capacity, they could be could chosen for euthanasia.

Pets in Need of Placement

These are all of the pets here at ACS.

Moms with Babies

This report lists nursing mothers with puppies and kittens that still need to stay with mom.

It is crucial to their health that we find placement out of the shelter as soon as possible. These groups are available for foster or rescue only.


These are puppies and kittens in need of supportive care. Placement must be found for these pets immediately! These pets are available for foster and rescue only.

Orphan Puppies and Kittens

These are orphaned puppies and kittens. They are still in need of supportive care and not old enough for adoption.

These pets are available for foster and rescue only.

ACS Foster Care

These are pets in our foster homes and awaiting adoption. These pets can be pulled by rescues as well.

Diversion Pet

These pets are being held by their owner or a private citizen while they wait for their appointment.

None of these pets are on campus or at risk of being euthanized. They are available for Adoption and Rescue placement, but are not Foster candidates.