Adoption Process

Family adopting an animal from the facility.

Before going through the adoption process, please make sure you visit our Before You Adopt page so you can make sure you're ready to adopt.

Once you are ready, visit our adoption database to see what animals are currently up for adoption.

View the Adoption Database

Animal Care Services (ACS) does not accept online submission of adoption applications. All adoptions are on a first come, first served basis. 

  1. Tour the kennels and find a pet you’re interested in. The shelter staff can help you get acquainted with your new friend.
  2. Bring in the family (even the four-legged members) to meet your prospective pet.
  3. Once you've made a decision, head to the ACS Adoption Center to complete your adoption.

NOTE: Adoptions are processed 30 minutes prior to closing time.

Adoption Fees

  • Dogs: $86
  • Cats: $34

We include the following services in the adoption fee:

  • Spay and neuter surgery
  • Lifetime registered microchip & tag
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Flea and tick prevention
  • First round of vaccinations

NOTE: Pets under the age of four months will need to be brought back to receive their rabies shots.


We offer a 50% discount for qualifying military, agency, clinic or school picture ID. Adoption discounts cannot be combined with reduced fees during events where adoptions fees are reduced.

  • Military personnel: Find out more at Pets for Patriots
  • First Responders: Police, fire, EMS, healthcare workers
  • Teachers
  • Seniors for Seniors: People 55+ adopting pets 8 years of age or older
  • ACS Volunteers: Must be currently registered

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take my pet home right away?

Generally, no. Most of our pets come in as strays, and we have to hold them for a certain amount of time to allow their owner to come find them. Once the stray search hold is over, we will spay/neuter your adopted pet. You will be called with a pick-up time on the same day the surgery is completed.

Can someone else do an adoption for me?

We need the person who will be the registered owner of the pet to come in and meet with and apply for the pet. This ensure the best possible outcome for the adopter and their family. It also ensures we have the correct information for the microchip registration.

What if I am out of state and can't come in person?

We require that all adopters spend time with their pet of choice and complete all paperwork connected to the legal ownership of the pet. Our in-person process supports the responsibility that we must confirm the legal adopter’s identity for the pet’s safety as well as the match suitability for the adopter themselves. If you are not able to meet our requirements, we highly encourage you contact local shelters in your area. We thank you for considering adoption as your first option for getting a new companion animal.

Can I adopt a pet as a gift?

No, we do not allow pet adoptions as gifts. What you may find cute and adorable about a pet may not be what your gift recipient is looking for. We recommend that you invite the person to visit the shelter with you. Let the experience of finding their forever pet be a memorable gift they will cherish forever!

Are the pets you have healthy?

Since most of these animals come in as strays from within our community, we cannot guarantee the health of any of our pets. We ensure that they are healthy enough for surgery, and we will not knowingly adopt out a sick pet. We will fully disclose all the medical information we have and we will treat for any conditions we are able to, while the pet is under our care.

NOTE: ACS is not a vet clinic. We are an animal shelter, so our resources are limited. Although we do everything we can for the pets in our care, some may need further diagnostic testing or treatment. This would be through a full-service vet clinic at your own expense, post-adoption. ACS is unable to reimburse you for any services rendered once you have taken your pet home.

You are responsible for taking your pet to your own private veterinarian within two weeks of adoption for a wellness check.

Is my adopted pet house-broken or trained?

While some of our pets are house-broken and/or trained, a majority of them are strays who may have never been in a home. Even if a pet was previously house-broken, the change in environment can be stressful. They may have accidents or behavioral issues once they get home. A new pet will require training, time, patience, and a lot of love before they become your perfect companion.

Will my adopted pet get along with other animals?

ACS takes in thousands of animals every single year. With such a high number of pets coming through our shelter, we are unable to evaluate temperament for all of our pets. This means that we don't know how this pet will get along with other animals, children, or even other adults. We do not guarantee the temperament of any of our pets. which is why a meet and greet is required prior to adoption.

I don't want my pet spayed/neutered - can we skip the surgery?

It is Texas law that pets leaving the shelter must be spayed or neutered, unless directed by a veterinarian for legitimate health reasons. Spaying/neutering your pet will help reduce the number of strays who roam the city. In turn, that will reduce the number of pets that have to come to our shelter in hopes of finding a home.