Owner Surrender

NOTE: If you are looking for a new home for your pet because of behavioral issues, visit our Pet Care Tips page for helpful tips on how to train your pet.

If we reached capacity or unable to provide humane housing, you may be asked to seek alternate arrangements. We encourage you to exhaust all other means of finding a new home for your unwanted pets:


  • Fee per pet: $25
  • Fee per litter: $25

Advisory Note

All surrendered pets become property of the City of San Antonio immediately upon impoundment. Owner surrendered animals could be:

  • adopted
  • transferred to a rescue group
  • humanely euthanized

Surrender Process

Step 1.Confirm residency

We only accept pets from the City of San Antonio. Bexar County residents should call Bexar County Animal Control at 210-335-9000 (option 1).

You can verify City of San Antonio residency visiting the Find My Council Member page. Look under the Municipality section to verify "San Antonio."

Step 2.Complete the Surrender Request

To surrender your pet you must first book an appointment with Animal Care Services.

We do not accept same-day requests.

Book an Appointment

Step 3.Drop off your pet

Once your appointment has been confirmed, please bring the following information when dropping off your pet:

The following information will be needed to surrender your pet: