Before You Adopt

ACS person walking a dog on a leash.

Things to Consider

Before you adopt, consider these questions:

Do you have time in your life to care for a new pet?

Taking care of your pet takes time out of your daily life. Whether you're adopting a playful puppy or a loving senior, you will need to make time to train your new companion. Your new pet will also need daily exercise, regardless of it they are indoor or outdoor. Depending on the breed, your new pet will require daily walks for as short as a few minutes and as long as a couple of hours.

Do you see yourself owning a pet for the next 10 years?

Most dogs can live to be between 10-15 years old, while most cats can live to be between 15-20 years old. It's important to consider any major life events that will affect your ability to care for your new companion in the future. For example:

  • What will you do if your spouse or child is allergic?
  • What if you change careers and have less time for your pet?
  • What if your living situation changes and your new landlord doesn't accept pets?

Consider these and other unexpected situations before committing to adoption.

Are you financially ready to adopt a pet?

Pets can be a financial burden if you don't prepare and consider what is needed to properly care for a companion. You should consider the following expenses:

  • pet food
  • routine vet visits
  • vaccinations
  • monthly flea, tick, and heartworm prevention
  • toys and treats

You should also be prepared for unexpected emergency vet visits, which can be very costly.

Are you ready to work with a shelter pet?

Adopting from a stray shelter is wonderful, because you are truly saving a life. However, this also means you may get very limited information about your new forever pet.

At Animal Care Services (ACS), we impound thousands of animals each year. We are unable to temperament test every animal that comes through our doors. We don't know how they will react to any current pets, children, or even other adults. We also don't know if they are house-broken or trained.

We offer free basic dog training with all of our adoptions, but it can take months for a new pet to completely acclimate to their new home. Patience is key!

Common Misconceptions

Your kids will take full responsibility of your new pet.

While your kids will be excited for your new pet, you should be prepared to take on a majority of the responsibilities.

Having a backyard means your pet doesn't need to leave the house.

While having a backyard is great, it's still important that your pet gets proper exercise.

Having a home pet excuses you from getting them getting their tags and shots.

All pets in San Antonio are required by law to have their City License and rabies shot.

Ready to Adopt?

All animals adopted from ACS are sterilized, vaccinated, de-wormed and microchipped. All pets are sterilized before they go home with you and we will not adopt out an intact animal.

Pets under the age of four months will need to be brought back to receive their rabies shots, which will be included in the adoption fee.

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