Reclaim Your Pet

Please review the following information to help facilitate a quick reunion. Due to the large number of animals, pets may only be held 3 days or less after intake.


  • Proof of ownership through pictures and/or medical records before the end of the stray hold
  • Government issued picture ID (the person reclaiming must be the owner on record)
  • If your pet is chipped, the registered owner must be present to process the reclaim
  • Fulfill all fees associated with the reclaim

Sterilization Requirement

If your pet is unsterilized, we will conditionally release it and require that you sterilize your it within thirty days.

Failure to abide by this requirement will result in citations and court appearances.


Because we provide vaccinations, food and water, and shelter for your pet, additional fees may apply.

Impound Fee

  • 1st time impounded: $50
  • 2nd time impounded: $100
  • 3rd time impounded: $150
  • 4th and subsequent times impounded: $200

If the animal is being held for observation because it has bitten someone or another animal, the impoundment fee shall be as follows:

  • 1st time impounded: $75
  • 2nd time impounded: $100
  • 3rd time impounded: $200
  • 4th and subsequent times impounded: $200

Boarding Fees

  • Regular impoundment: $10 per day
  • Pet observation: $20 per day

Vaccination Fees

  • Rabies Vaccination: $12
  • DHPP (dogs) / FVRCP (Cats) $8
  • Bordetella (Dogs): $6

Microchipping Fee

Microchipping your pet greatly increases the likelihood of their returning to you if they are lost. We require that all pets are microchipped before returning your pet.

  • Microchip: $5

Reclaim Process

Step 1.Visit our shelter

If you believe your pet has been brought to our shelter, please visit our shelter as soon as possible. You are the best identifier of your pet. 

151 Main Campus
4710 State Hwy 151
San Antonio, TX 78227
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Step 2.Search for your lost pet

Visit our online database to see what animals our list of lost pets. We update our database frequently, so check back often.

Step 3.Locating your pet

Once your pet has been located, note the ID number (6 digit number beginning with an “A”) and the timeline listed to reclaim before the stray hold ends.

Step 4.Reclaim

Check in with our customer service representative in the front lobby of the admin building to pay any applicable fees.