Stop Animal Cruelty

ACS worker speaking with citizens holding a dog at there residence.

At a minimum, an owner, keeper or temporary owner of an animal is required to provide their animals with humane care and treatment as follows:

  • Access to an adequate supply of fresh air
  • Species-specific food
  • Fresh water
  • Exercise
  • Shelter
  • Shade (natural or artificial)
  • Veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering

NOTE: Shade is considered separate from shelter and an owner who does not provide shade for their outdoor pet can be cited.

How You Can Help

If you believe that you have witnessed a violation of a Chapter 5 Ordinance (and you can do so safely), please gather some of the following items. These will help Animal Care Officers seek justice when you report an incident:

  • Video or photos of the crime being committed. These should have a clear image of any or all of the following:
    • the suspected offender
    • the crime being committed
    • a clear indication of the abuse the animal has suffered
  • Evidence that the animal in question is injured, such as:
    • video or photos of the injuries the animals has suffered
    • other types of evidence such as 
      • the weapon used
      • illegal trapping techniques
      • blood trails
  • Witness testimonies from citizens that saw the offense being committed.
    • Clear descriptions of both:
      • the suspected offender(s) 
      • the crime they are believed to have committed
    • Times and locations.
    • Animal(s) involved in the act(s) of cruelty or neglect.