$42.5 Million in ARPA Funding

Ariel view of San Antonio International Airport

The City received this funding for the San Antonio International Airport (SAT) and Stinson Airport. These funds are intended to:

  • Help airports to maintain a safe system by funding operating expenses
  • Help maintain pre-pandemic employment levels at the largest airports
  • Stabilize financial solvency by funding debt service
  • Assist airport concessions to be ready for the return of passengers
Concessions - $4.3 Million

Provides relief for eligible Concessionaires located in the terminals at SAT.

Operations - $34 Million

Provides reimbursement of eligible operating, maintenance, personnel and debt service expenses at both SAT and Stinson.

Stinson Airport - $59 Thousand

Provides reimbursement of eligible operating, maintenance and personnel expenses at Stinson Airport.

Capital Projects - $4.1 Million

Provides funding for the Taxiway R Reconstruction, Runway Keel Design, and Taxiway N Reconstruction design.