Types of Permits & Inspections


You can now use our online permitting system to:

  • apply for fire facility license inspections
  • pay license inspection fees

NOTE: You will need to create an account before applying for a permit. Learn how to create an account.

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Types of Permits

  • Above Ground Storage Tank Permit
  • Above Ground Temporary Flamable Liquid Permit
  • Blasting Permit
  • Burning Permit
  • Explosive Handler Permit
  • Explosive Site Swimming Pools Permit
  • Explosive Site Utilities Permit
  • Explosive Storage Permit
  • Fast Track Fire Alarm Permit
  • Fast Track Sprinkler System Permit
  • Fixed Pipe Permit
  • Food Booth/Float Application
  • Hazardous Chemical Tank Permit
  • Major Alarm Modification No Involving Initiating and/or Signaling Devices
  • Major Sprinkler System Not Involving Heads Permit
  • New Alarm System Permit
  • Pyrotechnics Permit
  • Quarry Blasting Permit
  • Spray Paint Booth Permit
  • Sprinkler Modification Permit
  • Sprinkler Permit Application
  • Underground Fire Line
  • Underground Storage Tank Removal or Installation Permit


Schedule your fire inspection online using the Inspection Scheduler application.

Schedule Online

Alternatively you may submit an Inspection Request Form(PDF, 71KB) via email.

Types of Inspections

  • After-Hours Inspections
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Code Violation Complaint
  • Day Care Facility & Foster Care
  • Facility
  • Final Building Shell
  • State Required/AHJ Review