CPAT Workshops and Timed Runs

A CPAT workshop is an opportunity for the candidate to practice/train on the actual CPAT course. CPAT workshops are offered to those candidates who have ranked between 1-500 on the May 05 2022, entrance exam. Candidates must come in CPAT dress attire and may work on individual events or on the entire course as a whole. Workshops are only for applicants ranked #1 thru #500

Date: June 13th to August 12th, 2022 (except city holidays)

Location: SAFD Training Academy Gym located at 300 S. Callaghan Rd.

Entrance will always be through the south side of the gym (facing 151 highway). Attendance is optional, but highly encouraged. You will have an opportunity to attend as many workshops as needed to familiarize yourself with the course and to practice on specific events.

Items Required

  • Valid Driver's License
  • Proper Attire
    • Full Length t-shirt with sleeves (no cut-off's)
    • Shoes must cover toes and heels
    • No jewelry allowed to include, earrings, watches, or any other jewelry will be permitted.

Leave all valuables in your vehicle. Helmets, gloves and weight vests will be provided.

Mandatory Timed Run

A CPAT Timed Run is a practice run through of the actual CPAT course. You will be timed and proctored during your CPAT Timed Run so you can have a better understanding of things you may or may not need to work on. Timed Run is mandatory unless you signed a waiver at the CPAT orientation.

Date: July 11th to August 12th, 2022

Times: Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

You must attend at least 1 mandatory timed run. If you successfully pass a timed run, that will be considered a CPAT completion.

Should you have further questions contact SAFD Applicant Processing office at 210-207-8428.