Wages & Benefits

Job Positions & Pay

Position Paid Monthly
Fire Cadet $3,705.48
Probationary Firefighter, thru 18th month $4,681
19th month thru 60th month $5,196
Beginning 61st month $5,295

Education Pay

Education Pay
Associates Degree $185 per month
Bachelor Degree $290 per month
Master's Degree $310 per month

Other Pay

Longevity Pay
A firefighter's base pay increases by 3% for each 5 years of longevity to a maximum of 30 years or 18%.
Language Skills Pay
$50 per month
Special Assignment Pay
We have various special pay scales. EMS, Hazmat, Arson, Rescue and Aviation are some of the divisions that receive special pay.

Paid Leave & Holidays

Vacation Days

Vacation Days
Probation through 10th year of service 15.25 days
Beginning 11th through 15th year of service 20.25 days
Beginning 16th year of service 25.25 days 

Other Paid Leave

13 legal holidays per year
Military Leave
Firefighters are allowed 15 working days annually. There is also vacation time and trading of time that one can exercise, if needed.
Sick Leave
Accrued at a rate of 15 working days annually

Other Benefits

All San Antonio firefighters are provided with a uniform commissary credit and personal protective equipment that meets applicable NFPA standards.
Insurance coverage is provided by the City of San Antonio for firefighters and their immediate family. Insurance benefits provided include life, health, dental, optical and legal assistance.


Retirement Pay
With 20 years of service 45% base pay
27 years of service 80% base pay
30 years of service 86% base pay
33 years of service 87.5% base pay