Boards & Commissions

Project Reviews

All requests for work to the exterior of a historic property require approval through a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA). A COA can be issued administratively by OHP staff, or referred to one of two local commissions for review and approval. Which commission will review my project?(PDF, 372KB)

Historic & Design Review Commission (HDRC)

The Historic and Design Review Commission (HDRC) consists of 11 members who reside in the City of San Antonio and are appointed by the City Council. They review the following types of projects:

  • Projects related to exterior changes to properties that are individually designated landmarks or within one of the City's local historic districts.
  • Projects located within a River Improvement Overlay (RIO) district (including the Riverwalk).
  • Projects located within a Viewshed Protection district; or that are publicly owned (i.e., libraries, parks, fire stations, etc.).

The HDRC also reviews infill construction projects located within the "D" Downtown Business District.

Historic & Design Review Compliance and Technical Advisory Board (CTAB)

This is a secondary 11-member board that meets on a monthly basis to review certain types of COA requests. The CTAB focuses on technical issues and material specifications for historic properties such as:

  • window and door replacements
  • changes to roofing material
  • siding and skirting specifications
  • composite substitutes

The CTAB also reviews violation cases which were completed without prior approval.