Strategic Historic Preservation Plan

In 2009, the City of San Antonio adopted the Strategic Historic Preservation Plan which sets forth a long-term vision and a set of practical and achievable strategies for improving the City’s historic preservation program while building a more broad-based historic preservation ethic within the San Antonio community.

The Plan also seeks to build on past successes by acknowledging the role historic preservation plays in shaping the City’s urban form and character, in contributing to the City’s overall economic development, and in sustaining a high quality of life for all San Antonio residents, businesses, and visitors.

The Plan brings together the many and diverse initiatives, programs, needs, opportunities, goals, and principles related to the preservation of San Antonio. The Plan is used as a work program to update and streamline current historic preservation efforts, as well as a guideline for future planning and development efforts. It reflects input from a broad range of partners, not only traditional preservation advocates but business interests and development advocates as well.

Strategic Historic Preservation Plan(PDF, 26MB)