Bike Network Plan

2022 Bike Network Plan

A lot can happen in a decade! The San Antonio Bike Plan (2011) provided a reliable foundation outlining the purpose and need for bicycle facilities in San Antonio. As implementation of bicycle facilities over the past few years occurred, it became evident that the 2011 Bike Master Plan (BMP) required an update to policies and the introduction of feasibility studies to support further implementation of multimodal infrastructure. Specifically, language regarding the implementation and connectivity associated with road capacity, parking, and the accommodation of additional bike facilities must be addressed. Many streets will require additional traffic operations analysis and schematic development to determine the impacts of adding bicycle facilities. Without this analysis, bicycle facility implementation cannot proceed and funding secured. Strengthening public outreach to garner community support is also a key element to the future success of the bicycle network, as well as addressing equity as it relates to a citizen's transportation needs.

The 2022 Bike Network Plan is scheduled to begin preparation in Fall of 2022, and will focus on evaluating all areas of San Antonio. Additionally, the City of San Antonio Transportation Department is re-evaluating its programs and initiatives to provide clearer guidance on how to achieve safer streets and account for all transportation modes in planning, design, and implementation.

San Antonio Bike Network Plan

2011 San Antonio Bike Plan & Implementation Strategy

San Antonio Bike Plan 2011 and Implementation Strategy was passed by City Council on September 29, 2011. The Plan has been recognized by the Texas Chapters of the American Planning Association and American Society of Landscape Architects for outstanding professional achievement.

San Antonio Bike Plan 2011 By Chapter