Unveiling San Antonio's Road Safety Blueprint: The High Injury Network

Published on May 02, 2024

Man sitting on the curb next to glass debris and his car behind him. In the intricate web of San Antonio's 4,000 miles of streets lies a crucial piece of information that could save lives: the High Injury Network (HIN). Imagine a tool that pinpoints spots where fatal and severe crashes lurk, empowering us to take targeted action and make our roads safer for all.

Our City has a track record of diving deep into crash data to understand and mitigate risks. From the Severe Bicyclist Injury Areas (SBIA) report of 2020 to the Severe Pedestrian Injury Areas (SPIA) report (2017 - 2020), the Transportation Department has been busy refining its pursuit of road safety. Now, with the unveiling of the HIN, we're taking our commitment to the next level.

The HIN isn't just about identifying problem areas; it's about directing resources where they're needed most. By zeroing in on corridors with high rates of severe and fatal crashes, we're laying the groundwork for targeted improvements that could save lives.

But that's not all. Enter the High Risk Network (HRN) analysis, a groundbreaking approach that goes beyond crash data to examine the very DNA of our roadways. It considers factors like lane configuration and traffic flow, painting a comprehensive picture of where the risks are before they become our future tragedies. Armed with this knowledge, we can proactively address potential danger zones before they escalate.

By harnessing the insights gleaned from the HIN and HRN analyses, we're not just updating a plan; we're shaping a vision. The forthcoming Vision Zero Action Plan will be infused with data-driven strategies, ensuring that every step we take is a step closer to eliminating traffic fatalities and severe injuries.

But this isn't a journey we're embarking on alone. The HIN and HRN analyses will serve as guiding lights for multiple City departments, aligning efforts and resources towards a common goal: making our streets safer for everyone. It's a collaborative endeavor rooted in the shared belief that no life should be lost or forever altered due to preventable crashes.

So, as we unveil the HIN and pave the way for a safer tomorrow, let's remember that road safety isn't just a goal - it's a responsibility we owe to ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. Together, let's drive change and ensure that every journey on San Antonio's streets ends safely.

For more information on our Vision Zero Action plan update, visit Vision Zero SA.