San Antonio Military Installations

Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA)

The largest and most diverse joint base in the Department of Defense (DoD), JBSA is comprised of four primary locations:

  • Camp Bullis
  • Fort Sam Houston
  • Lackland Air Force Base
  • Randolph Air Force Base

JBSA expands out across a total of eleven geographically separated parcels of land consisting of 46,539 acres, and 35 million square feet in facilities that support over 266 mission partners. Despite its uniqueness in setup, the 70,000 members who belong to JBSA are making a difference, not only in San Antonio but for the nation by accomplishing diverse training, flying, medical, cyber, intelligence and installation support missions every day.

JBSA trains more students from the DoD and has more active runways than any other installation. JBSA is also home to the Brooke Army Medical Center, the DoD’s largest hospital and only state-side level one trauma center. Nearby is also Martindale Army Airfield. Commanding JBSA is the 502nd Air Base Wing (ABW). Learn more about JBSA's current economic impact to the state.

Camp Bullis

Located in the northwest of San Antonio, Camp Bullis provides Joint Base San Antonio with base supports that can accommodate all of its operational and training requirements. Known as the “Crown Jewel” of JBSA, Camp Bullis offers 21 firing ranges, simulation facilities, maneuver lands and other training facilities and supporting services to their mission partners across the 28,000 acres making up the installation making it the geographically largest JBSA installation contributing to half of JBSA overall land size.

Additionally, Camp Bullis hosts all student medical field training for the entire DoD utilizing the 29 Camp Bullis MDEVAC landing zones and has repeatedly been chosen as the site for various Army-wide competitions including Best Medic, Best Drill Instructor and others. CoSA’s Military and Veteran Affairs Department maintains a close relationship with 502nd to ensure Camp Bullis is protected from external encroachment and environmental and natural resources challenges to ensure both mission protection and mission growth.

Fort Sam Houston

Located just north of downtown San Antonio, Fort Sam Houston (FSH) is the oldest installation of Joint Base San Antonio and among the oldest of the U.S. Army. FSH is known for its medical services and healthcare. The base is home to the Brooke Army Medical Center and the San Antonio Military Medical Center, which provides high quality care to military personnel, veterans, their families and civilian emergency patients.

U.S. Army North provides homeland security protection, civil support and theater security operations for the United States. Meanwhile, the U.S. Army South operates in 31 countries of the Caribbean, Central and South America. FSH also hosts the U.S. Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC), the Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM), Naval medical Forces Support Command, Home of the Quadrangle (one of the oldest structures on any Army installation) and the U.S. Army Medical Museum (open to the public with a visitor’s pass).

Lackland Air Force Base

Located in the southwest corner of San Antonio, Lackland AFB, hosted by the 37th Training Wing, trains up to 80,000 U.S. and foreign military students annually. Lackland AFB’s primary mission is to provide basic training for new recruits in the U.S. Air Force. It has numerous mission partners (including 16th Air Force, 59th Medical Wing, Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center and 67th Cyberspace Wing) and other training programs such as marksmanship, language, dog handling, cybersecurity, intelligence, medical and security forces skills.

Furthermore, after the closure of Kelly AFB in 2001, Lackland gained its first operational runway, additional properties, a guard fighter wing and a reserve airlift wing. Lackland AFB is also home to the 433rd Airlift Wing (U.S. Air Force Reserve) flying C-5M aircraft and the 149th Fighter Wing (Texas Air National Guard) flying the F-16C. Lackland AFB also hosts the Airman Heritage Museum and the Military Working Dogs Museum, both open to the public with a visitor’s pass.

Martindale Army Airfield

Martindale Army Airfield is a Texas Army National Guard airfield located in eastern San Antonio. Martindale Army Airfield was constructed during World War II as an auxiliary field of Randolph Army Airfield. At present, Martindale Army Airfield serves as a training facility for Texas National Guard helicopter pilots.

Randolph Air Force Base

Randolph Air Force Base, located on the northeast side of San Antonio, is hosted by the 12th Flying Training Wing (FTW). Their primary mission is to produce new instructor pilots who will be assigned to all Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) Bases in the Air Force. Additionally, the wing produces initial skills training for all Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) pilots and sensor operators.

Randolph AFB is also home to Air Education Training Command (AETC), Headquarters Recruiting Service, Air Force Personnel Center and 19th Air Force. The three-star AETC commander headquartered here is responsible for 10 other major installations across five different states.