Proclamations & Honorariums

All ceremonial items from the Office of the City Clerk are prepared on behalf of the Mayor.

NOTE: Requests must be submitted 30 days before the event date. Any request submitted after the event date, will be automatically denied.

All requests submitted are reviewed by the Ceremonials Coordinator. If the request does not match the criteria for the selected ceremonial item, the coordinator will contact the requestor.

For each ceremonial request one item is provided free of charge. Each additional copy is $5.

All ceremonial requests are to be picked up from the Office of the City Clerk.

Request a Ceremonial Item

Ceremonial Options


Certificates of Commendation, Appreciation, Congratulations, and Greetings/Welcome are prepared for events that are general in nature such as the Grand Opening of a Business, Wedding/ Anniversary, Reunion, Retirement, Eagle Scout, etc. Birthday certificates are issued to residents at age 70 years and above. Milestone recognitions will be honored at every 5th interval such as 10th, 25th, 40th, etc.


Proclamations are prepared for organizations and/or their representatives in observance of a specific day, week, or month such as "Cancer Awareness Month'" "Crime Prevention Week," or "National Women's Conference Days." Proclamations are prepared for non-profit organizations, or in connection with a charitable cause. Proclamations are ceremonial in nature and are not prepared in recognition of an individual.


A Citation certificate is prepared for an individual or group that brings about state, national, or international attention to our City. This honor acknowledges the accomplishment that also highlights our City such as winning First Place in a National Dance Competition, a State Football Championship, or being named International Teacher of the Year.


An Alcalde is prepared for dignitaries and government officials visiting our City and names the individual honorary Mayor of La Villita (the original San Antonio). This honor is limited to dignitaries such as Mayors, Other Elected Officials, Ambassadors and Governmental Leaders. Requests are subject to approval by the Office of the City Clerk and the Mayor’s Office. Residents or those who previously resided in San Antonio at any time are not eligible to receive this document (including someone serving a tour of duty at a military base).

Honorary Citizen

The Honorary Citizen certificate proclaims an individual an honorary citizen of San Antonio and has been recognized for distinct accomplishments or recognition in their field of expertise. This certificate allows a more flexibility in who may receive this compared to an Alcalde.

Emissary of the Muses

An Emissary of the Muses certificate is prepared for individuals or groups in the fields of Entertainment and the Arts who are visiting San Antonio. Residents of our City are not eligible to receive this honor.

Certificate of Heroism

The Heroism honorarium is prepared for an individual or group who performs a heroic action and/or risks their life to save a fellow human being.

The Corporate Award

The Corporate Award is given to organizations/businesses that have done much for the City of San Antonio and its citizens. It recognizes action that has taken place over a long period of time and is not intended for organizations or businesses that one time or occasionally contribute to the well-being of San Antonio and its citizens.

The Distinguished Citizen Award

The Distinguished Citizen Award was created to recognize an individual who is making significant contributions to the community through their time, actions, talents; and their dedication has consistently demonstrated qualities of compassion, and service to either one organization or a variety of volunteer activities over a long period of time. The charitable activities/events or service cannot be a part of the individual’s job duties, and he/she cannot have received any monetary or personal benefits from their involvement.