Conformance: Recommended

See our City in action! Video is a great medium to use the tell the story and bring the brand to life.


  • B-roll footage may not be repurposed in such a way that a reasonable audience would find graphic, offensive, or otherwise in poor taste.
  • You must credit the City of San Antonio in your final product. This could be a simple text credit include the City of San Antonio logo.
  • Accessibility: All City of San Antonio finished video products must be accessible and are required to include closed captions, transcripts, and if needed, audio descriptions. For questions, please contact the Disability Access Office at 210-207-7135, or our contact form.

NOTE: The City reserves all rights not expressly granted.

B-Roll Collection

Download the City's b-roll to add unique visuals to your video projects. The collection will include a wide range of visuals, all royalty free, that you can mix and match to create the desired effect for your project.  

Access B-Roll Collection