Conformance: Mandatory

Our brand colors help strengthen the connection and engagement residents have with the City. By consistently using official City colors, we are able to create a familiar and cohesive experience for residents as they interact with City services and programs.

Residents and employees should be able to recognize City colors in a variety of areas:

  • Official logos
  • Websites
  • Digital platforms
  • In-person signage
  • Employee uniforms
  • Social media graphics
  • Print and promotional materials


You must use the official colors in the City’s color palette and adhere to the color contrast chart that meet a color contrast ratio of 4.5:1 which are WCAG AA standards.


  • Consistent presentation of the City brand
  • Increases credibility and trust
  • Decreases cognitive load for residents as it provides immediate identification of City-branded materials


  • People with low vision or visual impairments may not be able to read materials
  • Residents will not be able to easily identify or recognize the City brand and organization
  • Increases cognitive load for residents (e.g. residents have to relearn each time they see materials that use different 

Color Code Uses

  • HEX: digital (websites and coding)
  • RGB: photography (screens using light)
  • CMYK: print (using ink)
  • PANTONE: print, etc. (color matching)

Color Palette

NOTE: CMYK and RGB colors have been designed differently to reflect a closer color match to Pantone color system. 


 a white heart outline Corazón Red #8B0E04 139, 14, 4 0, 97, 100, 50 194 C
 Mission Bell Mission Bell Grey #333333 51, 51, 51 0, 0, 0, 92 BLACK7 C
 Cowboy boots outline Pecan Brown #551900   85, 25, 0   0, 73, 100, 80 4975 C  
 Quad outline Mercado Rose #CF4240 207, 66, 64 13, 89, 79, 3 180 C
 a star icon Riverwalk Teal #038391 3, 131, 145 85, 33, 38, 4 7474 C


 Dove outline Pearl White #EEEEEE 238, 238, 238 0, 0, 0, 10   427 C
 butterfly outline Rio Blue #A1CBC9 161, 203, 201 37, 7, 21, 0 5503C  
 cactus outline Nopales Green #068460 6, 132, 96 86, 25, 76, 10 3288 C 
 a burst icon Fiesta Gold #F7D002 247, 208, 2 4, 15, 100, 0 108 C
 Flower outline Concha Pink #E00490   224, 4, 144 7, 99, 0, 0   225 C

Color Contrast Chart

The following charts outline the only acceptable color combinations for text and background colors. Any other combinations do not meet the brand standards and may not be legible or accessible.

Follow the chart to see which brand colors are acceptable with white text or background.

Color White Background
White Text
Corazón Red
Sample Text Sample Text
Mission Bell Grey
Sample Text Sample Text
Pecan Brown
Sample Text Sample Text
Mercado Rose
Sample Text Sample Text
Riverwalk Teal
Sample Text Sample Text
Concha Pink
Sample Text Sample Text
Nopales Green
Sample Text Sample Text

Additionally, Mission Bell Grey is an acceptable text color and background. Follow the chart to see which brand colors are acceptable with grey text or background.

Color Grey Background
Grey Text
Fiesta Gold
Sample Text Sample Text