Conformance: Mandatory

City of San AntonioThe brand logo of the City is the cornerstone of our identity. Our quatrefoil mark in combination with our logotype is the most visible symbol of our brand. It represents all of us – and the residents of our region. So it is vital that we present it properly to strengthen our image and build positive recognition of our organization.


You must use the following versions of City logos:

  • Full Color
  • Solid White
  • Solid Black

If the background color is white or a lighter color, the solid black or full color logo must be used.

If the background color is black or darker color, the white logo must be used.

Regardless of which logo is used, it must have a minimum color contrast ratio to the background of at least 4.5:1.  


  • Website: The logo must provide a link to SA.gov or the department. The alternative text for logo must be “City of San Antonio” or the department name.
  • Digital, print and promotional: The City of San Antonio logo must be visible and not made too small where you cannot read the words within the quatrefoil.


  • Consistent presentation of the City brand
  • Increases credibility and trust
  • Decreases cognitive load for residents as it provides immediate identification of approved City materials


  • Residents will not be able to easily identify or recognize the City brand and organization

Appropriate Uses

City of San Antonio Texas

Full color logo is our main logo.

City of San Antonio Texas

Black logo is acceptable on a light background.

City of San Antonio Texas

White logo is acceptable on a dark background.

City of San Antonio Small Logo Mockup

Small logo is used for print only for areas smaller than 1 inch wide. Do not use for digital communications. 

A Mockup of Multiple Department Logos

Multiple department logos should be separated with the Rio Blue vertical wave divider. List the lead department first and then alphabetically from there.

Inappropriate Uses

Cosa logo cropped

Don't crop the logo in any way.

Logo Squished

Don't skew or squish the logo.

logo tilted to the left slightly

Do not tilt or rotate the logo.

Do not alter the COSA logo

Do not change the colors or opacity of the City's logo

Do not have a dark background on the logo

Do not use full color logo on dark background.

White logo on a light teal background

Do not use white logo on light background.

Logo with drop shadow

Do not add a drop shadow to the logo.

Logo with Construction Hat on top

Do not embellish the logo with other graphic elements.

A Pepper inside the City Qautrefoil

Do not put any designs inside the quatrefoil

City of San Antonio Arts and Culture

Do not mix logo styles. Only use full black, white or color versions.

Discontinued Use

Do not use old and retired City logos.

Old City of San Antonio Seal LogoSan Antonio Deep in the Heart

City Logo

NOTE: For those outside the City of San Antonio organization, please contact us to request access to City logos.

City of San Antonio Texas

The quatrefoil has a proud association with our past, and it is a recognizable symbol to members of our community. We have honed this image to blend stylistically with select fonts in our logotype to create a strong, unified graphic presence that enhances key positive attributes of the City.

City Logos (Internal Only)

Department Logos

City of San Antonio Texas Communications and Engagement

In an effort to unify the City of San Antonio with a “One Team, One Mission” approach, all designated City departments are represented with the official City logo quatrefoil. Department logos do not include “Department” or “Office” so there is an emphasis on the City service and eliminates redundancies. Do not alter the department logos in any way.

Department Logos (Internal Only)