Boards & Commissions

Rosters & Agendas

Boards & Commissions agendas are available on SASpeakUp:


City Council Board appointees perform public service by broadening the forum for community input.


The following forms are required upon appointment and prior to attending any meetings: 

City Clerk is available for notarization. Contact us to make an appointment with the Boards & Commissions Coordinator. 

Municipal Leadership Institute (MLI)

The MLI provides an orientation to all newly appointed board and commission members. The online MLI training covers:

After watching the videos, board and commission members will take a short quiz. Failure to complete the MLI training will result in removal from the Board. Members are only required to take the training once during their appointment. 

Board liaisons are also required to attend regular meetings with the Office of the City Clerk and take additional trainings.

Financial Disclosure Reports

Board and commission members are required to file FDR Reports by March 31st of each year. Failure to comply will result in removal from office and one-year prohibition from serving in accordance with the City Ethics Code section 2-73.