The City Clerk provides a professional link between citizens and the City of San Antonio. The office of the City Clerk contains five divisions:

  • Legislative (City Council Support)
  • Elections, Ethics, and Campaign Finance
  • Municipal Archives and Records
  • Vital Records
  • Passports
Legislative Division (City Council Support)

The City Clerk works with the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and their staff. They manage City Council meetings, provide City Council support and oversee the creation of official City records. The City Clerk and the Legislative division also performs the following duties:

  • Prepares ceremonial proclamations/citational items for the Mayor and City Council
  • Prepares all minutes for City Council and Council Committee meetings
  • Posts the City Charter and City Code, and manages changes
  • Manages council consideration requests
  • Prepares and post publications of official city notices
  • Processes and maintains records of appointments to boards and commissions
  • Accepts claims and lawsuits filed against the City of San Antonio
Election, Ethics, and Campaign Finance Division

The Elections Division conducts municipal general (City Council), special (bond and referendums) and charter elections for the City of San Antonio. This division also manages:

  • Revisions to the City Charter, including those initiated by petition
  • Petitions filed by citizens for placement of initiatives on the ballot or council recalls
  • Campaign Finance Reports required of candidates by State Law and City Code
  • Ethics Complaints and Disclosure Forms from Officials, Employees, Lobbyists and Contractors
Municipal Archives and Records

The Municipal Archives and Records Division manages the city’s historical archives and daily records in compliance with State and Federal retention standards/guidelines.

Vital Records

The City Clerk serves as the Local Registrar of births, death, and fetal deaths that occur in Bexar County and sells certified copies in accordance with State Law.


The Office of the City Clerk operates a passport acceptance facility at City Tower.